Phil Edwards

Senior Underwriter

As the Senior Underwriter at Cannect, Phil has been a member of the team for 16 years.

Having lived in Toronto his entire life, Phil is a passionate and contributing member of the Caribbean community in Toronto, he regularly volunteers with youth in his spare time, encouraging them to dream big and consistently pushing them to set and accomplish goals.

Phil embodies loyalty and genuinely cares for his client relationships, he invests the time and energy to listen carefully and empathetically. After graduating with distinction with a Business Administration and Finance Degree, Phil found a great fit at Cannect and began his career as a Mortgage Broker. Today, Phil brings over a decade of industry experience to Cannect, carefully creating solutions to structure and find funding for even the most challenging and complex client situations.

Phil is a champion of finding solutions for customer scenarios that seem impossible. He is not fazed by stress or difficult situations, in fact he finds personal satisfaction in being personally involved in the solutions that he finds for his clients daily.