Matthew Scanlan

Digital Producer

Having over a decade of professional experience producing digital content for corporate brands and entrepreneurs in Toronto, Matthew joined the team to launch Cannect’s podcast, Make Money Count. It wasn’t long until he saw the strength of the services offered by Cannect that he joined the team to help on the customer service aspect. He navigates each episode’s content to the clients eyes and ears, explaining the subject matter, and guiding the client through past examples of our clients success stories in order to help the client feel more confident while the client goes on to broker a deal with the rest of the team.

Matthew has produced dozens of episodes of Make Money Count. The show has been heard by thousands of Canadians, and brought Cannect’s brand and vision to new clients, old clients, investors, and the competition. His goal is to show fellow Canadian’s there are choices to help them feel financially secure, to help them feel empowered when making those financial decisions, and confident about the outcome at the end of their day.

You may have heard or seen Matthew as his alter ego, DJ Love Hz, a DJ, radio show and podcast host. He lives downtown Toronto, enjoys live music from local bands, binging on Sci-Fi movies, and late night strolls around the city listening to audio books. He’s also a trained chef, graduating George Brown college in 2004, spent time as a semi-professional video gamer in the 2007 & 2008 MLG circuits, and has produced podcasts featuring talent such as Sophia Amoruso, Jeanne Beker, and Jordan Peterson.

“Don’t Panic.” – Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy