Investment risks notice and mitigation

Here’s what we are required by law to say about risk as part of operating in Ontario. You’ll see each of the risks below and we’ll explain how we proactively address these risks. When you invest with Cannect, you’ll need to acknowledge that you understand these risks.

First, a little background on the investment structure

You are buying exempt market securities.

They are called exempt market securities because certain aspects of securities law do not apply to them:

  1. if an issuer (specifically, Cannect Invest) wants to sell exempt market securities to you, the issuer does not have to give you a prospectus (a document that describes the investment in detail and gives you some legal protections).
  2. There are restrictions on your ability to resell exempt market securities.
  3. Exempt market securities are more risky than other securities.

Now, here are the specific risks and our approach to mitigating them

Lack of advice

The risk

You will not receive advice about whether this investment is suitable for you unless the salesperson is registered.

The salesperson is the person who meets with, or provides information to you, about making this investment. To check whether the salesperson is registered, go to

How we mitigate this risk

Cannect Invest works with Meadowbank to offer access to investors of all backgrounds. Established in 2006, Meadowbank Asset Management Inc is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as a portfolio manager and exempt market dealer (EMD). You may search for Meadowbank at

Lack of information

The risk

The issuer of your securities is a non-reporting issuer. A non-reporting issuer does not have to publish financial information or notify the public of changes in its business. You may not receive ongoing information about this issuer.

How we mitigate this risk

Cannect Invest provides monthly reports on your investments, and monthly payouts, so you’ll have consistent insight into performance. In addition to this, we provide statistics on the current portfolio makeup, including LTV, property mix, loan amount averages, mortgage types, and more, so you’re able to see first hand how we balance the portfolio.

Liquidity risk

The risk

The securities you are buying are not listed on any stock exchange, and they may never be listed. You may never be able to sell these securities.

How we mitigate this risk

On average, Cannect Invest loans come due within 6 months. This means we have consistent liquidity within the fund. Depending on the size of the withdrawal, we are typically able to return an investment within 30 days.

Risk of loss

The risk

You could lose your entire investment.

How we mitigate this risk

Cannect Invest has an industry leading loan-to-value (LTV) ratio – lower even than the big five Canadian banks – in order to hedge against a market downturn.

We have technology and automation in place to continue to balance our portfolio to protect borrowers from default and investors from added risk.

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