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Home financing services that work together to save—and earn—you money.

Whether you need to borrow right away, think long term with a new or refinanced mortgage, or want to put your money to work with investments that cut the risk and up the rewards, Cannect’s home financing and investment services are designed to work together to make money count.

When it matters most, we’ll help you make money count.

Banks think people just want money. Cannect knows that you need money. And with good reason. That’s why we’ll work with you to make each cent we loan you count. So you can do more than just deal with today’s challenge, as we work together to build a brighter financial future, starting today.

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Our home financing services include our short-term CannectFlex loans,
new mortgages, mortgage refinancing, and more.

CannectFlex home loan

A flexible-term home equity loan that avoids mortgage refinancing penalties and sets you up to save even more when it’s time to renew your mortgage.


Mortgage refinancing

If you have a current mortgage and would like to increase the amount you’ve borrowed, try a refinancing quote. And remember, you can avoid mortgage penalties completely with a CannectFlex loan.


Renew your mortgage

When it’s time to renew your mortgage, and you’re looking for a better rate, start here.


New home purchase

Whether you’re shopping for a new property or have found your dream home, you’ll find your best mortgage rate here.


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Invest with Cannect to build even more equity

Cannect’s Mortgage Investment Corporation has seen an average of 8.14% returns over the past 10 years.