The Cannect MIC has generated a 8.15% average annual return, net of fees, for its investors since inception.

It may be most boring investment you’ll ever make — and that’s a good thing!

With Cannect, potential borrowers see how much of a loan they qualify for and what their interest rate will be in seconds.

While borrowers get the information they need, Cannect uses its proprietary technology to assess the loan application and verify the relevant details.

Here are 5 more reasons to consider investing in Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation:

Cannect generates
consistently high returns

Technology makes us a better lender.

For you, that means a better investment.

1 year

5 years

10 years





S&P Canada Aggregate Bond Index​




S&P/TSX Composite Index












Firm Capital




SOURCES: Morningstar, S&P Global, Priced as of May 2nd, 2023

* (Audited results as at date.)

Cannect maintains a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of between 50 and 60 percent

Not only is Cannect’s LTV much lower than the major banks, but Cannect lends only when the borrower has a credible six to 12-month exit strategy. To date, Cannect has not lost a dollar of investors’ capital.

Property type

    Loan amount

      Mortgage type

        Cannect is transparent with its loan portfolio to investors

        Investors also have direct access to the Cannect MIC’s web portal, which provides detailed, real-time information about all properties held in the portfolio, selection criteria, appraisals, exit strategies, and returns.

        Cannect has a low cost of borrower acquisition

        The Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation removes third party intermediaries such as brokers when working with a prospective borrower. In doing so, costs for non-qualified borrowers are reduced, while risk-rated returns for investors are increased.

        Cannect fills a void in the lending marketplace

        When a person’s income or personal situation changes, they often find that there is nowhere to turn. Cannect provides a short-term, affordable bridge that sets clients on a path to improve their overall financial position. Seventy per cent refinance into lower cost mortgages.

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        Note to investors:

        Prospective investors should read the Offering Memorandum which details the risk factors and investment objectives before investing. Mortgage investments are not guaranteed, past performances may not be repeated, and investors may experience a gain or loss. Monthly distributions are not guaranteed and may be adjusted from time to time.

        Cannect has retained Meadowbank Asset Management Inc. as agent to verify investor suitability and compliance with eligibility guidelines under the applicable securities laws. Meadowbank is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in the Provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

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