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Avoid the high interest future of a home equity line of credit

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70% of CannectFlex borrowers renew their mortgage at a lower rate

With Cannect, your path to savings starts today, by setting you up for a lower cost mortgage with your next renewal. That’s something Canada’s big banks and other lenders want to avoid so they can lock you into higher interest payments on longer terms.

Why are we different? Over the years we’ve seen how banks game the system to lock Canadians into longer term debt. Our small business Canadian homeowner routes mean we’ve been in your position. It’s not fair for Canadians who work hard to build their home equity to have their income eaten up with interest payments. Our automated online system was designed to compete with the big banks so we can offer you great rates today, and help you save even more tomorrow.

Bottom line: 70% of CannectFlex clients go on to renew their mortgage at a lower rate, and we want you to be one of them. Instead of getting locked into more long-term debt that begins with a home equity loan and the increased mortgage rates you’ll find at your next renewal, choose CannectFlex and set yourself up to save.

Your lowest rate in 3 easy steps

1. Confirm the address of the property you own

When you enter your address, we’ll automatically verify the current market value of the property.

2. Provide your current mortgage

We’ll find your lowest interest rate based on the value of the property and your current mortgage financing.

3. Set your credit and income

With your income and credit details, we’ll be able to confirm the lowest interest rate available to you.

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With average interest rates of just 6-10%, we’re confident you won’t find a better
rate anywhere else.


CannectFlex home loan

Get a low interest, short term loan today, without incurring mortgage penalties.

A trusted service, from a trusted team

A trusted service, from a trusted team

While we’re working with you to secure the home financing you need today, we’ll also give you sound, unbiased equity planning and savings advice to help make the whole process a little easier, not only for today but also for your best future. That’s just one of the reasons we consistently earn a 5-star rating from our customers across Canada.

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Why might I need a loan?

We know there are many reasons why Toronto homeowners may be looking for a loan. Whether it’s any of the following reasons, or another, we understand, and we don’t pry.

Who qualifies?

If you’re a home or condo owner, we can help. Regardless of credit or income, we confirm the value of your home, any outstanding mortgages, and find the lowest loan rate for you.

How are interest rates calculated?

Interest rates are calculated based on risk. Risk is determined by the amount of equity in your home, your credit, and your current income. The more specific information we have from you, the more we can lock in your lowest interest rate.

Why Cannect will work for you

Even if you’re having trouble borrowing from other lenders or your bank, Cannect can help because our loans are based on your home equity, not your personal income or credit.

Are interest rates the only charges?

Interest rates are ongoing for the duration of the loan, but there is a setup fee. In order to secure your loan, a lawyer will need to be present at your property to verify ownership and confirm the agreement with you. We need to pay them, so there is an upfront fee to cover legal and related administrative costs for setting up the loan. You can expect this fee to be no less than $750 dollars, and you can confirm the expected fee without any obligation.

or call us at 416.766.2666

Our lending promise

To be the better lending alternative to your bank.

Your best rate, regardless of credit

Regardless of your credit or income, homeowners get the best loan rates from Cannect because our service is designed to give you financial flexibility.


Flexible terms for maximum savings

We work to find the best low interest lending options for your needs, and that means flexible terms, by default.


No surprises, no hidden costs

Check your rate online, with no commitment, and see for yourself in just 3 easy steps.


Avoid mortgage penalties

We’ll work with you to avoid mortgage penalties from refinancing or breaking your mortgage.


Unbiased expert advice

Our salaried employees provide sound, unbiased advice because they aren’t fighting for commissions.


Secured in as little as 24 hours

Our unique online and in-home service means you can secure a loan in as little as 24 hours.

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