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You’ve probably never given much thought to your mortgage unless it’s time to purchase or refinance a home, but home equity is essential for building a solid financial future.
At Cannect, our Toronto mortgage agents and mortgage brokers offer our clients the lowest rates, maximum flexibility, unbiased advice, and the security of knowing you’re borrowing smarter, investing better, and paving the way for financial success today and tomorrow. Cannect combines a mortgage brokerage with a mortgage investment fund, to deliver fast, secure, tailored solutions to meet even more financial needs.
“Sound, unbiased, expert mortgage advice, now with even more services to help you build a solid financial future”.

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Instant Home Equity Loans
Unable to get financing from a conventional mortgage lender because of your income or credit? Thanks to our proprietary online platform, Cannect can help arrange a home equity loan instantly. The lowest available rate in the GTA, funded within 24 hours. Our team will help you get the best rate today, and get you back on track for a lower interest rate loan tomorrow. There’s no income required, and no minimum credit score, just a smart and secure long-term solution to your short-term capital needs.
New Mortgages
Looking to purchase a new property? In just a few minutes online, Cannect’s innovative technology helps you find the perfect product, with the best rate and terms to match your needs. Not only that, but you’ll get expert advice from a team of salaried employees who aren’t fighting for commissions.
Mortgage Refinancing
Wondering if it makes sense to refinance your mortgage? Cannect’s team of unbiased experts can help you do a cost benefit analysis to see what decision is best for you. We’ll then help you find the right combination of low interest home financing options, helping you secure the best rate and terms, saving you more money than any other lender.

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Mortgage Investment Fund
Invest your hard-earned money with the Cannect Mortgage Fund and capture impressive and stable returns from the home equity market. Our direct-to-consumer and direct-to-investor model avoids the costly commissions associated with brokers and money managers, aka “the middleman.” Our portfolio maintains a conservative Loan to Value (LTV) ratio (more conservative than even the big 5 Canadian banks) that reduces risk and maximizes reward, setting you up for long term financial success.
Whether you want to borrow or invest, whether you have an existing mortgage (or two, or three), whether you’ve been rejected by typical mortgage lenders, we have the solution for you. Your financial needs are unique and so are our products. Get in touch today and see how we can help you secure your financial future.

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