Know your equity.
Know your options.

Don’t let banks and other lenders push you around. You’ve worked hard to build up equity in your home. We believe it’s your right to be able to use this money to secure a more financial footing. And the first step is to know the value of your property so you can see the amount of money you can safely borrow against it.

Once you’re armed with this knowledge, you have what you need to demand better rates and build towards a more solid financial future.

What do we mean by a more solid financial future?

Getting locked into long-term debt through credit card balances, lines of credit, or expensive loans that are always hard to pay down means that your credit score can be negatively impacted. And it means spending thousands of additional dollars on interest, instead of paying down your debt.

With Cannect, we’ve designed our services around getting you the lowest possible interest rates—without incurring costly mortgage penalties—through a balance of home equity loans and mortgages. Additionally, we offer flexible loan terms that ensure you’re always using the best borrowing option for your needs.

When you borrow with Cannect, we’ll coach you through those options, customized just for you. And you’ll know we have your best interests in mind because our salaried staff aren’t worried about commissions or quotas, and our technology is unbiased in how it lends.

All of this means that when you borrow with Cannect, we’re setting you up for a strong financial future.

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Our lending promise

To be the better lending alternative to your bank.

Your best rate, regardless of credit

Regardless of your credit or income, homeowners get the best loan rates from Cannect because our service is designed to give you financial flexibility.


Flexible terms for maximum savings

We work to find the best low interest lending options for your needs, and that means flexible terms, by default.


No surprises, no hidden costs

Check your rate online, with no commitment, and see for yourself in just 3 easy steps.


Avoid mortgage penalties

We’ll work with you to avoid mortgage penalties from refinancing or breaking your mortgage.


Unbiased expert advice

Our salaried employees provide sound, unbiased advice because they aren’t fighting for commissions.


Secured in as little as 24 hours

Our unique online and in-home service means you can secure a loan in as little as 24 hours.

Don’t need a quote today?

Check your property value and sign up for your personalized property value report so you’ll know what your options are when it’s time to renegotiate your mortgage or borrow more money.