“Cannect is Better Than The Banks” – Bruce

Bruce is a professional Search Engine Optimizer, and an investor in the Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation. Take a listen to his video testimonial on Cannect.

“The banks have got nice little sleepy returns like a yield of four percent. So Cannect is about double that. If you’ve got the trust, which I do in Marcus and Cannect, then it’s just it’s a better return and probably more stable.”

“When you take a look at the loan to value ratio, it’s better than the banks. It’s excellent. It’s an excellent return, and it’s very very safe.”

“I think it was February of this year we put some more in. So yes, not only have I put money in, I put more money in. Because I’m happy with how the investment has worked out. We have seen, particularly in markets where the markets have gone down, we’ve seen that our Cannect return has not only stayed where I expected it to be, but it’s actually gone up a little bit. I’m super happy with the investment and have invested more.”

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