“I Feel Secure With My Money With Cannect” – Arnold – Cannect Testimonials

Arnold is an investor in the Cannect Mortgage Investment Fund. Here he share’s his thoughts on Cannect, and his thoughts on security of his investments.

“We were recommended by a financial advisor to look at MICs, and I had no idea what that was. So I started doing research on the internet. Just YouTube videos, different things like that. Looked at MICs across the country; looked at all the numbers; the different companies; sizes; experience; length of time; and business. That sort of thing, and the numbers all seem to point towards Cannect and I’ve been invested for about a year now. So far so good.”

“I feel pretty secure with my money with Cannect because the rates are very steady month to month. You see the statements coming in, where you see your statements coming in from Market Investments, where they’re a lot more up and down and right now they’re down, (not everything), but Cannect is is very steady.”

“I guess as an investor that’s pretty important thing. Well, you’re diversified in different Investments. Some up, some down. This is nice and steady. Pretty comfortable. Thank you.”

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