“Cannect is a very specialized investment.” – Angela – Cannect Testimonials

Angela has been invested in the Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation since 2013. Find out what she thinks of her investment.

“Cannect is a very specialized investment. I don’t think there’s another investment out there that is a strong, in a secured sense. If you don’t have the expertise you have to trust yourself in somebody like Marcus. You know his heart is for the people, and for the investment. I know he’s doing the right thing.”

“I’ve been invested into Cannect for since 2013. I love it because it’s continuous. You don’t have to look for another investment in between it’s been great. I do trust Marcus, and he because he’s the manager I know the portfolio very well. He’s one of the main reasons why I am in Cannect. I refer him to everybody. All my friends, all my family. Because he’s just a natural at what he does and we trust him. It’s a great resource and you don’t have to look elsewhere. It’s a one-stop shop when it comes to investing”

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