How Interest Rate Cuts Affects Your Mortgage Payments?

June 13, 2024

Find out how the Bank of Canada’s interest rate cuts affect your mortgage.

The recent interest rate cuts by the Bank of Canada has created quite a buzz, especially among financial experts. Marcus and Justin, the hosts of the “Make Money Count” YouTube live stream are excited about the effects of this 25 basis point reduction. This development comes after the bond market had been signaling a potential rate drop, although the CEDOR TMX predictor did not foresee it accurately.

Relief for Variable-Rate Mortgage Holders

For homeowners with variable-rate mortgages, this interest rate cut brings immediate financial relief. Unlike fixed-rate mortgages, which remain unchanged until renewal, variable rates adjust according to the Bank of Canada’s interest rate. This decrease in rates will result in reduced monthly payments for people with variable-rate mortgages, offering some relief during the current economic conditions.

Making Mortgage Decisions Amid Interest Rate Cuts

The podcast emphasize the importance of staying informed about market trends, especially in the mortgage sector. They delve into historical data, revealing that variable rates tend to be lower than fixed rates over extended periods. This insight is crucial for homeowners contemplating whether to lock in a fixed rate or stick with a variable rate. The current situation, with the anticipation of more rate cuts, means that choosing a fixed-rate mortgage may not be the smartest option at the moment. When the market stabilizes, variable and fixed rates are expected to become more similar, making variable rates a better option.

Savings and Financial Caution Amid Interest Rate Cuts

Moreover, the discussion extends to Canadian savings habits. Despite the challenges posed by high interest rates, many Canadians have managed to maintain their savings. However, individuals who rent or have mortgages are experiencing more financial pressure. The podcast underscore the importance of wise financial decisions and caution against making moves in response to changing interest rates.


The Bank of Canada’s rate cut is a significant development with immediate benefits for variable-rate mortgage holders. Homeowners and savers can effectively navigate these changes by staying informed and cautious. As the economic landscape changes, keeping an eye on market trends and understanding the effects of interest rate adjustments will be key to making sound financial decisions.

Stay tuned to “Make Money Count” for more insights and updates on how to manage your finances in this dynamic economic environment.

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