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We have your long term finances in mind

Cannect Home Equity Loans: Private Lenders Toronto

Cannect is a private lender, but different. The key is flexibility. Our objective is for you to gain access to the equity in your home today, without restricting your ability to make new decisions or creating an even more difficult financial situation in the future.

We've helped thousands of borrowers in Toronto and the GTA, and we're ready to help you secure the financing you need for today while creating the best plan for your future. Our service is designed to give you access to the equity in your home without incurring the fees and penalties that come with a mortgage refinance, and sets you up with the flexibility that lets you save even more when it's time to renew your existing mortgage.

Our services are designed with the objective of getting you the lowest possible interest rates and avoiding costly penalties by finding the right balance of home equity loans and mortgages, customized just for you. Our flexible loan terms ensure you're always using the best borrowing option for your needs. With our unique online and in-home service, you can secure a private home equity loan in as little as 24 hours, and begin to move towards a stronger financial future.

We always have your long term savings in mind

We'll work with you to consolidate long-term financing into the most flexible and cost effective lending, so you're not trapped with costly and inflexible long term debt. In fact, if it costs less for you to refinance your current mortgage than to do a home equity loan, we'll let you know.

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