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Here are the top 4 reasons why adding a 2nd mortgage can actually improve your financial picture: you can reduce your total interest costs, you can consolidate debt (which offers a number of benefits), you can increase the equity in your home through repairs and renovations, and, while you're at it, you can repair your credit rating. Get a quote today.  Nearly every financial advisor will confirm: consolidating your debt is a good idea. If you're juggling too many due dates each month, dealing with too many creditors, and paying too high an interest rate on any of your debts, use the equity in your home to borrow more economically. A consolidation loan that bundles all of these bills into one affordable payment to a single payee is the solution.   

If you're managing your long-term debt with credit cards, lines of credit, or other expensive loans, your credit score can be negatively impacted. And when you're spending thousands of additional dollars on interest, you're missing out on the opportunity to pay down the debt that's generating the interest charges in the first place.

In 2002 Marcus joined MorCan and began working closely with various lenders to build brand recognition and strengthen relationships. His ability to develop strong reciprocal relationships allowed him to help various lenders craft mortgage products that catered not only to the mortgage broker channel, but to the needs of both the homeowner and the investor. Marcus has helped MorCan cultivate a mortgage portfolio of more than 2 billion dollars in residential and commercial mortgage origination. In the years since, Marcus expanded the business and launched Cannect in 2017 to provide affordable home equity loans.  A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, is tied directly to the equity you have in your house or condo; your current income or credit history has no bearing on the matter. The math is simple: we confirm the value of your property, deduct your existing mortgages from that figure, and give you access to up to 90% of the net balance. For example, if your property is worth $750,000 and your outstanding mortgage is $400,000, with Cannect you may borrow up to $315,000 with a HELOC, regardless of your income.  

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Our services are designed with the objective of getting you the lowest possible interest rates and avoiding costly penalties by finding the right balance of home equity loans and mortgages, customized just for you. Our flexible loan terms ensure you're always using the best borrowing option for your needs. With our unique online and in-home service, you can secure a private home equity loan in as little as 24 hours, and begin to move towards a stronger financial future.

The only thing that will remain constant is uncertainty in the market. Will mortgage rates go up? Should you lock into a fixed rate now? Variable rate mortgages (VRM) aren't for the feint of heart, but a VRM will probably save you some money over the next few years, if you choose the right one and protect your interests. For example, make sure you set your amortization schedule properly in case rates go up. And pay attention to the indicators so you can identify the right time to switch to a fixed rate mortgage, or work with a mortgage broker (like us!) who will do this for you.  The Bank of Canada looked at competition in the Canadian mortgage industry and concluded, among other things, that borrowers who use a mortgage broker pay less than those who deal with lenders directly, and that lenders maximize their profits based on observing the preferences and skills of their clients with respect to shopping and bargaining for a mortgage. Further, consumer loyalty allows banks to charge higher mortgage rates to their existing clients, while they offer larger discounts to new clients. The solution? Call Cannect.  

We've helped thousands of borrowers in Toronto and the GTA, and we're ready to help you secure the financing you need for today while creating the best plan for your future. Our service is designed to give you access to the equity in your home without incurring the fees and penalties that come with a mortgage refinance, and sets you up with the flexibility that lets you save even more when it's time to renew your existing mortgage.

A mortgage from Cannect stands alone in a market of catches and hidden fees. It's simple: we guarantee that you will lock in your variable mortgage at the lowest rate in the market! In addition to our great rates, you will also discover the value in dealing with our team of well trained professionals. We will keep you informed with updates on financial markets and advice from Canada's leading economists on when to lock in your mortgage and how to pay your mortgage down faster. Best of all, our services cost you nothing.  Approaching the banks can be a scary thing, but you don't need to face them alone ever again. Even if you've had some tough luck, even for those with bad credit, mortgage financing is always available. Let us negotiate on your behalf, and have the banks competing for your business instead. We work for you right up until your closing date, and beyond. Our mortgage experts never stop looking for the best rate on your mortgage. If it turns out that you can save even more money a year or two from now, we'll get in touch and make sure you don't miss out.   

We always have your long term savings in mind

We'll work with you to consolidate long-term financing into the most flexible and cost effective lending, so you're not trapped with costly and inflexible long term debt. In fact, if it costs less for you to refinance your current mortgage than to do a home equity loan, we'll let you know.

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