Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation: #1 Reason to Invest

Is it time to Invest with the Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation? Here is the one of the best reasons why now is the time.

As you’ll see in the clip, the first reason is that Cannect has guaranteed $2M in our mortgage fund. This means that you as an Investor are insulated from any losses by a $2 million investment pledge. Cannect will absorb up to $2M in losses before our investors lose $1.
How can we do this? We know our borrowers and we know our business. As long as we keep helping our borrowers get to lower cost capital, we are confident that your money is safe. We haven’t lost a dollar of capital and we aren’t about to start now.
Has this ever been done before? We certainly can’t think of another mutual fund, hedge fund, or investment vehicle where the managers stand behind their investments the way we do.
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