Are you getting BBQ’d by the Bank of Canada?

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On June 7th, the Bank of Canada increased the target lending rate by 0.25%, bringing it to 4.75%. That is an increase of 4.5% over a 15 month period. If you got a variable rate mortgage in 2020 or 2021, you may find yourself struggling to budget the increases to your payment. Locking into a fixed rate will […]

Deficit has soared ahead of March 22 Budget, Bill Morneau says

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On Monday February 22, 2016 CBC News posted an article about the Liberal government forecasting greater than expected deficits for the next two years. Susana Mas, CBC News – The Liberal government is now forecasting larger than expected deficits for the next two years even before adding billions in promised spending in its first budget, which […]

Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates for the First Time Since 2006

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On Tuesday December 16, 2015 CBC News posted an article about the Federal Reserve’s hike in interest rates for the first time since 2006. Pete Evans, CBC News – The U.S. central bank began raising interest rates today from record lows, as it hiked its benchmark rate by a quarter of a percentage point. The Federal […]

Fall Update from Cannect Invest

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Dear Partners: Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation’s annualized return for the month was 7.25%. In other terms, we returned 0.604% for the month, and year to date, the Corporation has returned 6.14%. The Corporation’s portfolio of mortgages continues to perform in line with our expectations. Most importantly, we have seen no evidence of new impairments in […]

Everyone has a plan. Until they get punched in the face.

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On September 4th the Bank of Canada will be meeting. At that meeting, they will share with us their thoughts about the Canadian economy. As of writing this post the implied odds of a rate drop on Sept 4th is 20%, the odds that rates will be lower by at least 25bps for Christmas are […]

Don’t Stress your Finances this Winter

6 things about your personal finances that impact your borrowing options

It has definitely been a long winter thus far. As the calendar shifts to February, it would be easy to understand why Canadians might be stressed out. The Omicron variant has hit us pretty hard and has forced a ton of us away from our loved ones once again. We also had one of the largest […]

Direct To The Borrower: Reason to Invest #4: Cannect MIC

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The Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation is direct to the borrower. We are a lending company and a brokerage, so we don’t pay third parties to send us loans to fund. Have a listen to hear the benefits of doing this: As I’m sure most of you know, interest rates are rising quickly as the central banks around the globe […]

Controlled demolition? Is it Good or Bad?

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The Bank of Canada (BoC) has been telling us that it needs to increase rates. The frequency and amplification of their message has been steadily rising. As their message becomes louder, the market begins to make its own noise. We can try to predict what further rate increases will bring to the market, but we […]