Cannect Made a World Of Difference.” – Ola

Ola is a technical consultant with a major telecommunication company and an investor in the Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation. Take a minute to hear her story in this video testimonial.

“As a single woman the banks count you out but Cannect counted me in.”

“They always said, ‘you know what? It’s doable. If you do these steps we can make it happen,’ and I’ve done the steps, and they’ve made it happen.”

“I called the bank and they never called me back, but Cannect called me back. That made a world of difference, because sometimes you’re afraid to ask a question. Sometimes you have doubts and when I had doubts; or I had questions; or I just wanted answers; or just wanted someone to guide me; they always answered and said ‘What can I do? What do you need to know? I’ll partner you with the right person.’ And they’ve never steered me wrong.”

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