GTA and Golden Horseshoe Appraisers Directory

Cannect works hard to automate every step in the mortgage process—including the valuation of your home—by connecting with industry leading services to provide home equity details that help you get access to your equity in as little as 24 hours. But sometimes we need a new, independent verification of the valuation of your home to confirm you get the best value when accessing your equity.

This is when a fair appraisal from a reputable appraisal company goes a long way. Many lenders won’t even look at a mortgage without one. Here is a list of some great appraisal companies that are accepted by most lenders.

Using one of the appraisers on this list means that whomever lends you your next mortgage will have great confidence in the property value you provide them. We picked these companies for their long track records of operating in Toronto and the GTA, including thousands of satisfied clients.

Accredited Appraisals Inc.

Antec Appraisal Group Inc.

Appraisal Advantage Canada Inc.

Approved Appraisal Services

Cross-Town Appraisal Ltd.

Everest Appraisal Services Inc.

Home Value Inc.

Metrowide Appraisal Services Inc.

Whether you’re looking to get started with a CannectFlex loan, new mortgage, or mortgage refinancing, get in touch and we will cover half of the cost of any appraisal services from our GTA and Golden Horseshoe Appraisers Directory.