What’s an Appraisal, and Why is it Important?

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No two homes are alike. For this reason you will need to have your new home appraised before the lender approves your mortgage loan. So, what exactly is an appraisal? An appraisal is a judgment of worth by a professional. The appraiser will visit your home and inspect the size, condition, quality and function. The […]

Turned down by your bank? Good. This alternative puts you in a better financial position.

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It’s time to get real. You’ve been in a committed relationship with your bank for awhile. While you’ve been loyal and optimistic with your bank—trusting them with your family’s future, your kids’ education, your home, and more—you’re not feeling the same level of dedication. Well, you’re right.     Despite the fact that your interest […]

7 key factors to securing the right home equity loan

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The procedure of obtaining a home equity loan has altered significantly. A few years ago, accessing the equity you had built up in your property was simple. Banks were happy to lend you money based on the value of your home. Many lenders are attempting to promote home equity loans to Canadian consumers now that […]

6 Things You Should Know Before Closing Your Mortgage.


Closing on your mortgage is the culmination of a significant homeownership journey. As you approach this crucial milestone, here are six key insights to ensure a smooth and informed closing process: 1. Balance Sheet vs. Non-Balance Sheet Lender In Canada, there are two sorts of lenders: balance sheet lenders and non-balance sheet lenders. A “Balance […]

6 things about your personal finances that impact your borrowing options

6 things about your personal finances that impact your borrowing options

  Your personal finances play a pivotal role in shaping the borrowing options available to you. Whether you’re looking to secure a loan for a major purchase or navigate through unexpected expenses, understanding the factors that impact your borrowing options is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore six key aspects of your personal finances […]

6 Points you need to know about Deferred Mortgage Payment Programs for Covid-19


In these unprecedented times, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has rippled through various aspects of our lives, including financial stability. For homeowners facing challenges, understanding Deferred Mortgage Payment Programs is crucial. In this SEO-friendly blog post, we’ll delve into six essential points to guide you through these programs and help you make informed decisions […]

4 Facts to Consider Before Breaking Your Mortgage

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Variable will be the winner for the next few years. The Bank of Canada said on October 19th that mortgage interest rates will remain steady. This came as no surprise. The language used in the announcement that followed the decision may have surprised some who have been following the consistent increases in North American equities […]