Balance Sheet vs. Non Balance Sheet

A “Balance Sheet Lender” is any chartered bank in Canada. They are referred to as “Balance Sheet Lenders” because they hold your mortgage on their books as an asset. These Lenders can only increase the value of their asset (your mortgage) by increasing the spread between their cost of funds and the rate at which […]

Attention Seniors! Beware of the Reverse Mortgage Trap

The reverse mortgage. It sounds perfect from what the dazzling commercials and flawless brochures tell you: You can keep your home. Tap into money for your retirement. Make your Golden Years your best years ever… But before you sign up, it’s important to know what you’re actually getting into. While it’s true that a reverse […]

Our investors

When you think about it, we have a very special relationship. You have entrusted us with your money. You looked around at all of your investing options and selected us. That will never be forgotten. Everything we do at Cannect is designed with one singular focus: to constantly reduce the amount of risk required to […]

Purchase Process

1. Pre-approval This part of the process is optional. However, it will help you find a house that meets your “list of requirements” and stays within your budget. We highly recommend you find out the maximum amount you can spend on a home before you go out looking. We know how easy it is to […]

Cannect and Bar Buca Feeding Our Front Line Workers

Supporting our community during COVID 19, one lasagna at a time. Recently we had the pleasure of working on a mortgage for a client who is an emergency room nurse. When we got to know them and what they do in detail, we were inspired by their hard and difficult work — especially during this […]

Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation: #1 Reason to Invest

Is it time to Invest with the Cannect Mortgage Investment Corporation? Here is the one of the best reasons why now is the time. As you’ll see in the clip, the first reason is that Cannect has guaranteed $2M in our mortgage fund. This means that you as an Investor are insulated from any losses by a […]

Competition in the Canadian Mortgage industry

The following is a summary of some important points we have drawn from the above article which was produced by the Bank of Canada. It is important to note that this article was produced with the intent of identifying ways that Bank of Canada’s monetary policy would have a greater impact on Canadians. In short, […]